Rihanna is at her sultry best in a new video for her song 'Pour It Up.'

Rihanna is at her sultry best in a new video for her song ‘Pour It Up.’

Rihanna makes sure everyone knows… ahem hello Miley Cyrus… she’s still the queen of twerk in her new video for her song “Pour it Up.” She pops more risqué moves than a burlesque chorus line and wears even fewer clothes.

Can Miley ever hope to unseat her?

The R&B singer was the undisputed champion of unbridled sexuality, until Miley did…things… with her foam finger on the MTV Video Music Awards.

Then Miley ramped up the competition even more with the release of the video for her song “Wrecking Ball.” The 20-year-old singer went full-monty. She barely kept her private parts hidden while clinging to an industrial size wrecking ball.

But she’s no Rihanna. Not after this video.

Rihanna Flexes Her Sexuality in Pour It Up
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The Barbadian seductress gets nasty with a stripper pole, twerks like no one else and does it all in tiny hot pants and a jewel encrusted bra that could be easily mistaken for a pasties.

Rihanna has been signalling for days that something truly amazingly sizzling would be forthcoming. Her behind-the-scenes pole dancing classes was the most obvious tip-off.

The song is from Unapologetic, her seventh studio album in as many years. Rihanna is the hardest working woman in show business and she doesn’t want anybody to forget it.

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