Miley Cyrus poses for Terry Anderson and finally goes full-frontal

Miley Cyrus poses for Terry Anderson and finally goes full-frontal

Miley Cyrus finally flashes her womanhood in a new photo spread (pardon the pun) with photographer Terry Anderson. She may have been sending a not-so-subtle message to her critics and her “motherly” mentor Snead O’Connor… fu*k off.

Miley wears a mesh see-through top without a bra, exposing her full breast in one photo.

Click here to read Snead O’Connor’s letter in full

In a way it completes the circle she started when she was 15 and posed semi-nude for Vanity Fair magazine. Say what you will about ratcheting up, twerking, slutbagging or racial appropriating, Miley is the hottest celebrity on the planet at the moment.

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What’s more she shows no signs of repenting anytime soon.

To the contrary, she figuratively twirled her finger around at the side of her head and rolled her eyes in response to a heartwarming and motherly letter from O’Connor.

Click Here to See Miley Vamp for Terry Anderson (nsfw)

The Irish singer warned her to beware of evil, exploitative, dirty old men in the world, otherwise known as record label executives.

“They will prostitute you for all you are worth, and cleverly make you think it’s what YOU wanted..” she wrote in an open letter to the 20-year-old musician.

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Although O’Connor stopped short of commanding her to “get thee to a nunnery,” she did suggest that rehab was in her future if she didn’t stop taking her clothes off.

It’s highly possible Miley might be aware of the shelf-life of pop stars. It could explain why she’s making her move to grab all she can in a crowded field that inlcudes other slutbagging pop stars like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Taylor Momsen, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and who knows who else.

Of course, some might call it art. (That’s our official position)

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Richardson released his latest photos, titled “Miley Cyrus in NYC” this afternoon. She exposes a breast, her rear-end and a barely covered vagina.

About the dirty old man part: That’s Anderson in the background leering at his subject.

Score one for Snead.

They photos are a bit too racy for this site. But you can check them out by clicking here.

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