Rihanna is causing an uproar in Great Britain over her latest video for 'Pour It Up.'

Rihanna is causing an uproar in Great Britain over her latest video for ‘Pour It Up.’

Rihanna has more in common with Miley Cyrus than she may think. The Barbadian singer’s latest video for her song “Pour It Up” is sparking a backlash on social media over its “obscene,” “vile” and “pornographic” content. Miley was slammed for the same thing.

The Barbadian seductress gets nasty with a stripper pole, twerks like no one else and does it all in tiny hot pants and a jewel encrusted bra that could be easily mistaken for a pasties.

Much of the criticism surfaced on social media sites and much of it appears to be centered in Great Britain. “No matter how much people may talk about its artistic merit, it nonetheless objectifies and therefore demeans women by casting them in the mold of whore,” Helen Wright, a former president of the UK Girls’ School Association, told London’s Daily Mail.

Rihanna Flexes Her Sexuality in Pour It Up
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Critics have also been pressing for YouTube to ban the video, which was temporarily removed from Vevo, before being reinstated. The video has been viewed almost 10 million times since its release Wednesday (Oct. 2)

At the crux of the controversy is Rihanna’s position as a role model and whether she’s demeaning women by “selling out” to “commercial interests which demean women.”

Beside the lewd and lascivious dance moves, critics also cited Rihanna’s seeming obsession with money and trading sexual favors for cash.

“[Rihanna’s] crude, tasteless and explicit dancing, combined with the money-focused lyrics, are telling all her fans – many of them still children – that it is good for women and girls to sell their body, and right for men and boys to see women purely as a sexual commodity,” said one critic.

Cyrus caused an uproar with her sassy performance on the MTV Video Music Awards. She spoofed her song “We Can’t Stop” and stripped to a latex bikini to duet with Robin Thicke on his song “Blurred Lines.” She twerked and strutted on stage and got lewd with a giant foam finger.

But she’s no Rihanna. Not after this video.

The song is from Unapologetic, her seventh studio album in as many years. Rihanna is the hardest working woman in show business and she doesn’t want anybody to forget it.

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