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Woman With Carrie Power Wrecks Coffee Shop… Kinda (watch!)

Woman With Carrie Power Wrecks Coffee Shop... Kinda (watch!) 1

Woman scares the bejezus out of customers at coffee shop, just like Carrie.

Carrie isn’t the only one with telekinetic powers. A woman went berserk in a coffee shop, slamming a guy up against the wall, blowing aside tables and causing books to fly off the shelves as terrified customers looked on. Of course, it was all caught on video.

The YouTube clip is currently going viral at a feverish pace. It’s logged more than 3 million views so far–today.

But don’t get your pants in too big a bunch. It’s all a big prank to promote the new “Carrie” movie starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore. The movie hits theaters Oct. 18. And, well, Halloween is fast approaching.

This trick occurred a little early.

The video opens showing how the store was rigged to cause tables to move and one hapless dude to be plastered up against the wall.

Then, a quiet morning in the coffee shop suddenly turns to pandamonium. And, most people, at least those shown on camera seemed to buy it.

It’s hard to tell just how innocent the bystanders were or whether some of them were in on the illusion. Many in the shop were actors, but some of the panic seemed real.

Screen Gems/TriStar has been pushing the video, which took some technical expertise to set up.

In any case, it’s hugely funny.

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