Miley Cyrus goes without clothes again in a new video for Future's 'Real & True.' (Epic Records)

Miley Cyrus goes without clothes again in a new video for Future’s ‘Real & True.’ (Epic Records)

Miley Cyrus has no plans to stop taking her clothes off anytime soon. She plays a metallic space goddess in a new video for rapper Future’s song “Real & True.” The move comes on the heels of her own strip down for her “Wrecking Ball” video.

Miley, who turns 21 next month, isn’t waiting to reach full adulthood to show off her tight and toned body.

While she’s more exposed than ever in the new video, she’s also covered in a metallic paint that hides her private parts. It’s a toss up which is more risque, “Wrecking Ball” or “Real & True.”

Although the video hasn’t been released yet, Future’s label, Epic Records, released photos from the production. One shows Miley lying on her back covered in nothing but paint.

Miley Cyrus Loses Her Clothes Again
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In another photo, Miley’s metallic face paint is wiped away, revealing her real skin tone. She looks like she’s about to kiss the rapper, also known as Nayvadius D. Wilburn.

During the video, it looks like Future will dress up as an astronaut judging by a third photo. Miley is in the shot wearing what looks like a green high-altitude flight suit.

Miley has been on a tear since her controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance. Her new album Bangerz shot to No. 1 on the pop charts following its release.

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