Robert Pattinson now has a drug problem according to a tabloid report. Believe it?

Robert Pattinson now has a drug problem according to a tabloid report. Believe it? (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson allegedly is deep into cocaine and has no problem snorting it in a room full of people in a club known to be loaded with publicity seekers and paparazzi, according to a new tabloid report. Could it be true?

Or is this just another flight of fancy by a tabloid magazine that has been blasted in the past for inaccurate and fanciful reporting?

As the story goes, Rob, apparently reeling from his breakup with Kristen Stewart, went on a “wild cocaine binge that spanned three different locations and lasted nearly until dawn,” according to Star magazine.

But the story falls on its face, right off the bat.

Rob would have to be a hardened cocaine user to have consumed as much of the drug as the story’s source claims. Plus he was also drinking. The combination, especially in a new user, can have deadly consequences.

The story, however, is not without precedent. The late UK singer Amy Winehouse also snorted lines of cocaine in clubs. But look at the difference. She was caught on video and photographed in the act more than once.

She was also photographed leaving clubs looking disheveled, white as a ghost and barely able to walk.

According to the tabloid, Rob went on his binge Sept 7 at the well-known Los Angeles club, The Viper Room. The place is typically swarming with paparazzi.

Rob was allegedly “snorting bump after bump of cocaine” in the VIP area, the magazine claims, “in plain view of others in the room.”

Yet, not one other report, or even a tweet, has surfaced to corroborate what allegedly went down.

The party later moved to another nightspot crawling with paparazzi, the Chateau Marmont hotel. Rob allegedly ducked into the bathroom “multiple times” to short the drug, before heading out at 2:30 in the morning, the source claims Did anyone see him?

As always, the story is plausible, because anything is. But is it probable? Not likely. Follow TheImproper on Twitter to get the latest Robert Pattinson updates you can trust.