James Taylor gets off on the wrong foot at Game 2 of the World Series, singing the wrong song.

James Taylor gets off on the wrong note at Game 2 of the World Series, singing the wrong song.

James Taylor, a die-hard Red Sox fan and icon of American music, flubbed the opening of the National Anthem at Game 2 of the World Series in Boston. He began singing “America the Beautiful” before quickly switching to “The Star Spangled Banner.” Is Boston now jinxed?

Taylor, 65, is a veteran when it comes to singing before a stadium full of Red Sox fans.

He also sang the National Anthem–without a hitch–at World Series games in Boston’s storied Fenway Park in 2004 and 2007. Both were the second game and Boston went on to win both, according to the local Berkshire Eagle newspaper.

So the Red Sox were obviously looking for a little good luck out of his return appearance as well. Taylor was certainly up for the game.

“It’s hard to believe for a Red Sox fan that we’re actually going back to the World Series, especially after last year,” he told the newspaper.

“I guess the message is that Sox fans can never give up hope despite the roller coaster we’re usually on,” he added.

As Game 2 was set to air at 7:30 p.m. on the Fox network this evening, Taylor received a huge hometown hero introduction from the announcer.

“Beyond the Grammys, beyond the platinum and gold, beyond the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this amazing singer-songwriter is known and loved throughout the world. But no where as much as from Stockbridge to Boston. Won’t you please welcome legendary James Taylor.”

With that, the crowd roared and Taylor stepped up to the mic with his guitar. He strummed a chord and started singing… “America the Beautiful.”

He caught himself after one line and switched to the right song. As he continued, a wry smile spread across his face and he looked up with raised eyebrows.

Not the best time to have a senior moment. Wait….!

Oh My God! Do you think this game is jinxed? Maybe the whole series!

The deeply superstitious Boston fans must be squirming in their seats.

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