Emily Ratajkowski has become the latest Hollywood "It Girl" thanks to a racy video for Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

Emily Ratajkowski has become the latest Hollywood “It Girl” thanks to a racy video for Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines.

Emily Ratajkowski has gone from an obscure catalog model to the latest Hollywood “It Girl” thanks to a nude romp in Robin Thicke’s risque video for his hit song “Blurred Lines.” While she wants to be an actress she hasn’t forgotten what got her this far… a killer body.

At 22, the stars aligned in one seemingly innocuous job to dance in a music video. But this wasn’t just any video.

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She and fellow models, Elle Evans and Jessi M’Bengue had to be nude, except for a thin, nude-colored thong and a pair of sneakers. She could have said “no.” She could have said “ridiculous.” But she didn’t.

“You do what you have to. It pays the rent,” she said in a recent New York Times article. Yes, even the gray lady has an eye for cheesecake.

Emily Ratajkowski, Sass and Sensuality in GQ
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As it happened, the video sparked a national debate over age-old questions about male-female relationships, misogyny, sexual objectification and yes, even female empowerment.

What ever your views, one thing is certain; it was hard to take your eyes off Ratajkowski. “The attitude was silly and playful,” she says. “There isn’t this taking yourself seriously and trying to be sexy.”

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Whatever the case, she exuded just the right touch of insouciance, sass, overt sexuality and casual indifference to make her irresistible.

And, irresistible she seems to be. If it isn’t the New York Times knocking on her door it’s casting agencies, studio executives, designers and fashion magazines.

She’s one of the few models who can match Kate Upton’s sensuality.

And, she hasn’t shied away from what got her there… nudity.

She has a casual attitude about taking off her clothes. Born in London and raised in California, she comfortable in her own skin. “Mom was topless on the beach every summer in Majorca,” she told the Times.

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