Miley Cyrus will now have a constant reminder of her granny tattooed on her arm.

Miley Cyrus will now have a constant reminder of her granny tattooed on her arm.

Miley Cyrus made fun of a fake tabloid story that she’d gone over the edge, but you have to question her sanity after getting a tattoo portrait of her grandmother on her forearm.

Doesn’t Miley realize Granny will be staring at her no matter what she does, including making love? Or Masturbating? Yuck!

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D did the honors. She’s probably seen stranger tattoos.

But getting a portrait of your grandmother stenciled on your forearm–forever–or until you wise up and get laser removal treatment, just seems like a weird idea for a 20-year-old woman.

What would granny say? She’d probably flip.

Cyrus, who calls her grandma “Maima,” posted photos of her huge new tattoo on Instagram with the caption…“because i am her favorite & she is mine.”

Miley Cyrus Tattoo: All in the Family
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Miley is referring to her maternal grandmother, Loretta Finley. She also has a paternal grandmother Ruth Ann Casto. No word on when she’ll get her tattoo.

Grandma “Ruthie” was admitted to critical care in the hospital on Easter Sunday (April 8) last year. Her paternal grandfather Roy Cyrus died of lung cancer and she dedicated her book “Miles to Go,” to him.

In all, Miley now has 21 tattoos from tiny bow and arrow to a large Indian Dreamweaver on her rib cage. She got her most recent tattoo, the words “Rolling” and “Stone” tattooed on the bottoms of her feet to commemorate her recent Rolling Stone magazine cover.

Kat Von D added her two-cents worth with the caption: “Grandmas rule.”

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