George Clooney hooks up pal Matt Damon for one of his lucrative overseas commercials.

George Clooney hooks up pal Matt Damon for one of his lucrative overseas commercials.

Matt Damon has jumped on the gravy train ridden by many actors to a quick payday. He’s joined pal George Clooney in a Nescafe Nespresso commercial that will air exclusively in Europe, where George has been a pitchman for years.

Damon, 43, was reportedly paid $3 million to appear with Clooney for about 20 seconds in the one-minute commercial.

UK Director Grant Heslov helmed the commercial, which judging from its subtitles will likely air in Italy. Clooney is usually called on to make the company’s commericals for the holiday season.

TheImproper first caught sight of the hunky actor in a commercial for the brand three years ago, and he’s often stars with other top actors. In that ad, he teamed up with actor John Malkovich, who played a sort of hip St. Peter dressed all in white at the Pearly Gates.

“You want to have a product you are proud of and not embarrassed by,” Clooney said at the time about his role as a pitchman, which is looked down upon by some in the business.

“You don’t want to do ones that aren’t classy. That’s the truth. That’s the secret to it,” he said.

As always, the ads involve a cool, debonair looking Clooney interacting with a beautiful woman while he’s firing up his Nespresso machine for a cup of coffee.

George plays himself this time around and the commercial plays off one of the downsides of fame, fan adoration. Known as a practical joker, Clooney gets to put one over on his pal… almost.

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