Jaime Alexander wore an ultra-revealing dress to the Thor premiere in Hollywood and became an Internet meme.

Jaimie Alexander wore an ultra-revealing dress to the Thor premiere in Hollywood and became an Internet meme. (Photo: Getty)

Jaimie Alexander told Jay Leno the secrets of the ultra-revealing black Azzaro Couture dress she wore at the “Thor: The Dark World” Hollywood premiere, like how she kept from revealing herself and more importantly, whether she was naked underneath.

Alexander, 29, may not have been that well known before, but she’s an international sensation now.

She stole the red carpet at the premiere and photos of her in the dress went viral on the Internet.

The full-length dress’s bold design included a sweeping, sheer cutout that ran the length of her body, making an acute s-curve just above her pelvic region.

It swept across her stomach and past her naval like a piece of abstract art. It came perilously close to her lady parts down below, but swept to the right and continued down her leg.

Jaime Alexander’s Eye-Catching Gown

(Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

A similar cutout up the back ran from the hem of the dress, up her leg, revealing one butt cheek and up the middle of her back.

So Jay just had to ask: “How does that even stay on?”

“A lot of toupee tape,” Alexander replied. Ouch!

“Well, I don’t see the toupee,” Jay deadpanned.

“Yeah, that’s good Jay, I didn’t want anybody to see the toupee,” she said.

To make matters worse, late night talk show host Craig Ferguson was Jay’s other guest and just couldn’t keep quiet.

Finally, Jay as the penultimate question: “Let me ask you this, did you wear anything under that dress?”

Check out the interview below; it’s hilarious and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

Footnote: How famous is Jaime? Well, before her role in “Thor,” she reveals that she was tending bar.

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