Kim Kardashian stars in Kanye West's new video. Just keep repeating: He's a genius... He's a genius.

Kim Kardashian stars in Kanye West’s new video. Just keep repeating: He’s a genius… He’s a genius.

Kim Kardashian goes to work for baby daddy Kanye West in his new video for his song “Bound 2.“ Kayne ain’t no genius for nothing. Why pay a professional model when he can get the world’s biggest booty to star for free? And, she’s experienced!

Kim made a notorious sex tape in 2007 with then boyfriend and rapper Ray J. The tape went on to be a best seller.

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Now, Kim marks her return to video with her latest boyfriend and she takes all her clothes off to boot. But this is no sex tape. Kanye raps about love and Kim is his muse.

The 36-year-old rapper unveiled the video on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and Ellen was tickled pink to premiere it.

“I couldn’t wait another second to share @KanyeWest’s new video with you,” she tweeted. “Now get some rest. Tomorrow’s a big day.”

Nick Knight directed video, the second off of Kanye’s groundbreaking Yeezus album. Earlier he released a video for “Black Skinhead.”

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The video starts out like a song by UK R&B crooner Seal, complete with mountain vistas and charging steeds. The mood and tempo quickly change, however, when Kanye is introduced by a comely voice-over: “Uh huh, honey.”

He stars rapping over the dreamy tune and Kim appears in silhouette naked sprawled on top of a motorcycle. Her wind-blown visage is next up set against a mountain range.

Kanye is riding the motorcycle. Of course, he’s not really riding it. He’s sitting on it in a studio so Kim can writhe topless on the bike in front of him.

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At one point, the bike bumps along, as Kanye lays on top of Kim, seemingly simulating sex. But this is no sex tape. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts. Then, follow TheImproper on twitter for the latest music news.

Footnote: In her topless scenes, Kim has an unusually slim torso. Was she helped by some photoshopping? If you really want to see what Kim looks like nude, check out our friends at EssCurve.

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