Mike Tyson is no longer an angry man. (Photo: Getty)

Mike Tyson is no longer an angry man. (Photo: Getty)

Mike Tyson’s infamous ear-biting meltdown in a heavyweight championship fight against Evander Holyfield is being spoofed in a new commercial for sporting goods store Foot Locker. Oddly, Mike plays himself in the spot.

The former heavyweight champ, known as Iron Mike, packed a serious knockout punch, but his career unraveled after he was knocked out by an unknown boxer in 1990.

He became known for his uncontrolled temper and was involved in a string of domestic violence incidents and street brawls. Of late though, he’s been promoting a milder version of his old self.

Once diagnosed as bi-polar, Tyson now follows a vegan diet, says he’s finally learned to control his anger and has been promoting his self-titled book.

It seems a cruel joke now to dredge up such a dark period in his life and make fun of an incident he truly regrets. Nonetheless, ad agency BBDO in New York has ginned up the commercial and released it today, according to AdAge.

And, guess what? Tyson and Holyfield play themselves. Go figure.

The one-minute spot promotes Foot Locker’s “Week of Greatness.” It starts out with three teens talking about the event and all the new shoes. It seems like all is right in the world,” says one of the youths.

That’s an opening for a series of vignettes. In the first, Tyson rolls up with a small box at the door of a mansion. Hollyfield answers his knock.

“I’m sorry Evander,” Tyson says sheepishly. “It’s your ear,” he adds holding out the box.

In othe segments, Dennis Rodman buys a one-way ticket to North Korea and former Greenbay Packers quarterback Brett Favre shows he knows when to call it quits by passing up another piece of pie.

Hollyfield and Tyson end up hugging at the end of the spot. So, all’s well that ends well.

Tyson earned more than $300 million during his career and reportedly squandered a $30 million fortune. He says now he’s broke with eight kids to support fathered with various women.

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