One Direction extends its brand with a commercial for Macy's, hawking their perfume.

One Direction extends its brand with a commercial for Macy’s, hawking their perfume.

One Direction, the boy band cobbled together by Simon Cowell has struggled with credibility so this ought to really help. The lads, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, just released a commercial for Macy’s department store.

Awe, just in time for Black Friday!

The band landed in America a year ago in March and debuted on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Since then they’ve gotten Beatles-like receptions from American fans at concerts and appearances.

They’ve also managed to sell quite some records… make that quite a few records. Their two albums, 2011’s Up All Night and 2012’s Take Me Home, were both chart toppers in the United States, Britain and elsewhere.

Their third studio album, Midnight Memories, will be released on Monday, Nov. 25.

And, it’s not like they don’t get enough publicity, what with Harry’s various shenanigans with girlfriends and Niall’s rumored secret gay life. So why bother to make a commercial?

Pretty simple; the One Direction boys were rejects from Cowell’s “X Factor,” music show in Britain when he pulled them together. You can bet he calls the shots on all aspects of the band’s dealings.

The band’s biggest criticism is that they are manufactured and their sound is nothing more than homogenized pop. Simon’s decision to turn them into pitchmen is a subtle clue that he knows their fame won’t last forever.

He wants to maximize profits, no matter what it means to the band’s integrity. Of course, in this day and age, most artists are just as anxious to extend their “brands.”

Meanwhile, our culture is so infused with commercialism, the fans don’t seem to care much, either.

So why not? The boys are shilling for Macy’s Department store and their perfume “One Moment.” Check out the commercial spot below and while you’re at it, follow TheImproper on Twitter; it’s absolutely free!!!