French model Camille Rowe poses in  a stunning new photo spread for L'Officiel magazine.

French model Camille Rowe poses in a stunning new photo spread for L’Officiel magazine.

Robert Pattinson’s dreamy Dior partner Camille Rowe is back in action in a stunning photo spread in Paris magazine L’Officiel. She’s on top of the world the magazine proclaims as she samples hot Parisian night life.

Camille, 23, was one of France’s hottest models repping for brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and Zadig et Voltaire and Chloé Eau de 3 .

But since she was paired with the former “Twilight” hunk for his first campaign for Dior Homme perfume, she has shot to international stardom.

Pattinson and Rowe were featured together in a series of steamy photos that culminated in the release of a short film in September. It was shot in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and in the tony Hamptons beach resort.

Camille Rowe Parisian Decadence, Elegance
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The two exuded incredible chemistry together and for a time fueled the usual tabloid rumors about a possible relationship. As it turns out, whatever it was between them was strictly professional.

Although Rob spoke glowingly about the stunning blonde and how easy she made it to kiss her.

Rowe, who was discovered in Paris cafe when she was 18, has an American mother and French father. She currently resides on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

But most of her work has been overseas in countries like Denmark, Italy and France. Aside from appearing television commercials for like Adidas Original, Cerutti and Happy Socks, she’s also appeared in one film and a music video for New York band MGMT.

In her latest spread, Rowe is a denizen of Paris nightlife and poses in several noir scenes reflecting both elegance and decadence.

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