Robert Pattinson poses with musician Mario Fanizzi in a photo that ignited tabloid claims about cocaine.

Robert Pattinson poses with musician Mario Fanizzi in a photo that ignited tabloid claims about cocaine.

Robert Pattinson’s fan photo with musician Mario Fanizzi fueled a slew of tabloid reports that the ex-Twilight hunk is some how involved with cocaine, but Fanizzi slammed the reports today (Dec. 3) on his Facebook page.

Fanizzi, who works in Hollywood as a musician, specifically targeted gossip site radaronline and The Hollywood Reporter.

His comments confirmed a report by TheImproper yesterday (Dec. 3) that sharply discounted the rumors, calling them unlikely based solely on the strength of the photo.

In typical half-full, half-empty fashion, gossip sites filled in the blanks to draw their own conclusions and most sensationalized the story and Fanizzi’s connection to Rob.

Robert Pattinson Alleged Cocaine Connection
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But Fanizzi, who is in Italy visiting his family, blasted the tabloids and set the record straight on his relationship with the actor and pop singer Katy Perry, a friend of Rob’s who was also mentioned in some articles.

“Rob Pattinson is an acquaintance, not my ‘Friend,'” Fanizzi wrote. “We say hi to each others since we keep bumping into each others (sic) at the same places in LA. I took a picture with him for his resemblance with my classmate in high school,” he added. “Im not Katy Perry BFF.”

“[That night, i talked to Rob, and he was not on drugs or under any sort of substance. i have no idea what was happening in the background, i haven’t seen any drug use, it was a pretty chill , calm night.” he continued.

“I’m emetophobic, a condition that prevents me from drinking alcohol or doing any kind of drugs, as my worst nightmare is vomiting, and i avoid anything that could make me sick,” he wrote.

Fanizzi said the “white thing” in the photo “resembled a piece of paper or a receipt,” but “could really be anything.”

“I doubt strongly that in a public environment, and with 2 people taking a picture, someone in the back was flashing drugs in the background,” he added.

Nadia Lanfranconi, who said on Twitter that she took the photo, said no drugs were at the party.

In typical tabloid fashion, radaronline reported that Pattinson was “happily posing” with “white powder,” when, in fact, the object is being held behind Rob’s back. It’s clear from the photo he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Other sites have noted how Rob’s eyes seem “glazed over.” But TheImproper noted that cocaine is a stimulant not a depressant and “glazed over” eyes aren’t usually a reaction to the drug.

Many of these sites are invested in a Rob cocaine connection since they likely repeated a story that appeared in always questionable Star magazine three weeks ago.

It claimed Rob went on a “drug bender with gal pal Dylan Penn.GossipCop knocked down the story shortly after it was published.

radaronline is owned by the same company that owns Star magazine, so you know it’s going to play up the cocaine angle.

Other dubious reporting related to this story includes claims that Pattinson’s “team” warned him to quit womanizing and partying. But none of the recent reports about “womanizing” are true.

radaronline also claimed Rob is jeopardizing his movie career. But he has two films in post-production and four more lined up for 2014 and 2015. Hardly sounds like he’s screwing up his career.