Kendall Jenner had nowhere to hide when she left her hotel with Harry Styles (inset) of One Direction in New York City over the weekend.

Kendall Jenner had nowhere to hide when she left her hotel with Harry Styles (inset) of One Direction in New York City over the weekend.

Kendall Jenner looked like she wanted to be anywhere in the world except in a throng of paparazzi as she left a New York City hotel behind smirking “One Direction” Lothario Harry Styles over the weekend. Talk about a walk of shame.

The 19-year-old boybander clearly looked like he had bedded her on Friday (Dec. 6).

Both were spotted leaving the Gansevoort Hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District on Saturday morning (Dec. 7) on what amounted to their third date.

The two reportedly met at the studio where the “X Factor USA” music competition is taped in Los Angeles. Harry’s manager an Kendall’s momager Kris Jenner reportedly introduced them.

Kendall and Harry were later spotted having dinner Nov. 20 at Craig’s in West Hollywood, a well-known celebrity hangout teaming with paparazzi. They could hardly have been missed and made all the tabloids.

Jenner played down the connection with the One Direction star when asked at the American Music Awards a few days later. Harry did the same when asked by CNN’s Piers Morgan at the band’s 1D Day.

But they reportedly went out again on Nov. 25 after Styles visited with Kendall’s father Bruce Jenner in Malibu, according to UsWeekly. The ate dinner at the members-only SoHo House in West Hollywood.

This past weekend, Styles and the band, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne, were the musical guests on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Kendall reportedly flew in on Friday before the show and stayed at the same hotel as Styles, the only boybander who checked in there. When Harry and Kendall came down the next day, not surprisingly, a horde of paparazzi were waiting.

They quickly separated. Harry walked about 10 feet in front of Kendall an acted like she wasn’t there. He put on sunglasses and posed with fans.

Kendall never looked up and kept nervously running her hand through her hair. Her face was somber and at one point she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

Harry had a high-profile relationships with Taylor Swift that ended badly last January. In September, he was reportedly seeing UK model Cara Delevingne, who is bisexual.

He’s also had two scandalous affairs with women almost twice his age, one of whom was married.

Whether momager Kris is pushing Kendall into the relationship is unknown, but Kendall should at least try to look happy when they’re spotted in public together.

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