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Porsche Silent on Paul Walker; A Legacy of Crashes Could be Why

Porsche Silent on Paul Walker; A Legacy of Crashes Could be Why 19

Paul Walker once called the Porsche Carrera GT his dream car. It became his ticket to heaven in a fiery crash.

Porsche, the German manufacturer of the Carrera GT supercar, has issued no public statement or expression of regret in the two weeks since actor Paul Walker and friend and business partner Roger Rodas were killed in a horrendous accident.

Porsche has not released a public statement or publicly expressed condolences to the families of the dead men, and has not returned several telephone calls from a reporter.

Paul Walker Car Crash: Theories Mount as to How It Happened

Atlanta-based Porsche U.S.A, which handles all inquires in North America, referred all calls to the Chicago office of its powerhouse public relations agency Omnicom Group Inc, the global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company.

Porsche Carrera GT: Legacy of Crashes
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Omnicom is used to controversy. It’s subsidiary Ketchum Inc. and its subsidiary GPlus Europe handle public relations and lobbies on behalf of President Putin’s government in Russia.

Omnicom has failed to return any phone calls over the past 10 days.

Porsche’s silence may be for legal reasons. A web search by TheImproper found reports of more than a dozen Carrera GT car crashes that were similar to the one that took Walker’s and Rodas’ life. In each case the car became uncontrollable in the hands of even the most skilled drivers.

Paul Walker Car Crash, Explosion Caught on Security Camera (video)

Porsche could be facing a potential wrongful death lawsuit from the survivors of the two men, depending on the outcome of the investigation, or even a class action on behalf of all Carrera GT owners. Porsche has been sued at least once before in 2005 involving a race track crash.

A driver and passenger were killed after their Carrera GT slammed into a wall at more than 100 MPH. The family of the passenger won a $4.5 million settlement of which Porsche paid $350,000, according to gossip site TMZ.

Porsche’s silence is puzzling considering how the car company likes to foster a close community among Porsche car owners.

Walker and Rodas were killed 10 days ago (Nov. 30) when the Carrera GT they were riding in spun out of control and struck a light pole and tree before coming to rest and bursting into flames.

Paul Walker Died in Porsche Deemed Brutish, Hard to Drive

Friends of the men claim the car must have been experiencing mechanical problems because Rodas was an experienced race car driver who was unlikely to lose control of the car through driver error.

But the Carrera GT, a true supercar, is powered by a V-10 610 horsepower engine, with a light-weight carbon-fiber body.

Paul Walker, of Fast, Furious Movie Fame, Dies in Fiery Car Crash

It’s capable of accelerating from 0- to 60-mph in less than 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 205 mph, according to company specs.

Those familiar with the car say it’s brutish and difficult to drive. It does not include traction control that’s standard on other Porsche sports cars. The carmaker calls it as close to a race car in design and handling while still street legal.

Check out the photos of crashed Carrera GT cars. Where available the circumstances of the accident are detailed. For the latest updates on the Paul Walker car crash, follow TheImproper on Twitter.