Beyonce moves into Miley Cyrus territory with her new video for 'Drunk in Love,' a track off her fifth studio album.

Beyonce moves into Miley Cyrus territory with her new video for ‘Drunk in Love,’ a track off her fifth studio album.

Beyonce released two music videos today (Dec. 16) by surprise and without explanation just like her new album. They were previously part of her new marketing scheme, the so-called “visual album” and could only be purchased as a package.

Seventeen clips are part of her self-titled fifth studio album along with 14 songs.

Beyonce Fifth Studio Album Video Extravaganza (See Them All!!)

The videos for songs “Drunk In Love” and “XO” were posted online this afternoon.

The “Drunk In Love” clip doesn’t put her in the same league for sexual explicitness as Miley Cyrus, but it’s close.

Shot in black and white, it shows Beyonce in a skimpy bikini, rolling lasciviously on a beach, wearing a see-through sheer wrap.

And, she twerks!

Here’s Beyonce Game Changer: Get Ready to Pay for Music Videos

The 32-year-old mother of daughter Blue Ivy shows she can still turn it on with the hottest acts in music. She’s almost bursting out of her bikini top as she sings over and over “Baby, I love you; why can’t I keep my fingers off you, baby.”

Hubbie Jay-Z eventually joins her on the beach and the two sing about banging all night and in the morning. Frankly, it gets a little vulgar, but, hey, it’s Beyonce… she’s above reproach.

Beyonce created a new music industry paradigm when she packaged her 17 videos with her 14-track album and sold it as one digital download for a premium price of $16.

Beyonce Gives Up Second ‘Visual Album’ Video For Fans (watch!)

The industry has been trying for years to monetize videos to defray the cost of making them or even make a profit. Before now, they’ve always been released for free as part of an album promotion. Instead, Bey released 30-second teasers for each clip.

The album-video combo has reportedly sold close to 600,000 copies since its release, without fanfare, on Friday (Dec. 13).

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