Dylan Penn sums up tabloid reports that she is dating Robert Pattinson in GQ magazine. In a word: bullsh*t.

Dylan Penn sums up tabloid reports that she is dating Robert Pattinson in GQ magazine. In a word: bullsh*t.

Dylan Penn put another spike in Robert Pattinson dating stories ginned up by the tabloids and looks damn hot doing it in a new photo spread in GQ’s January issue. In a word, the tabloid rumors are “bullsh*t,” she says.

Dylan found herself in the tabloid spotlight after she was inadvertently spotted talking, yes just talking, to the Twilight heartthrob.

Robert Pattinson, Dylan Penn Romance: Another Tabloid Fail?

Even People magazine, which is supposed to be a cut above tabloid bottom feeders, reported that they were a couple. “They’ve been dating a month or two. He’s crazy about her,” it quoted a so-called “source.” Wrong.

When she was asked about all the attention she’s been getting lately, she automatically answers: “We’re talking about Rob here?”

Yep, we are.

Dylan Penn Mesmerizing, Seductive in GQ
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“That’s been very foreign to me,” she says of the media scrutiny. “But actually kind of funny, because it’s all bullshit.”

Penn is the daughter of a famous Hollywood couple, actor Sean Penn and actress Robin Wright. But they kept her safely out of the limelight, raising her in Marin County north of San Francisco.

But at 22, she’s coming into her own now, not only as an aspiring screenwriter, but as a model. She inherited every bit of her mother’s stunning good looks. She just landed a new ad campaign for the GAP.

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The campaign launches next month in magazines, stores and online. She’ll be repping designs by “Fashion Police” cohost George Kotsiopoulos, according to E!Online. Kotsiopoulos is also releasing a new book, “Glamorous by George.”

Rob may not be the man of the moment, but Dylan offered some advice for the lucky guy who’s searching for an opening line. “It has to make me laugh, one way or another” she says. “It can crude; it can be something light hearted; it doesn’t matter. It just has to be funny.”

She likes a guy who can handle a “high-intensity” situation and isn’t afraid to talk about anything on the first date. Dylan says she likes a “free-for-all.”

So, check out her video and photos and click over to GQ for more. And be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Robert Pattinson news you can trust.