Kylie Jenner posts a selfie on Instagram, already into heavy makeup and come hither looks at 16.

Kylie Jenner posts a selfie on Instagram, already into heavy makeup and come hither looks at 16.

Kylie Jenner turned 16 in August and is marking the rite of passage with increasingly risque “selfies” on her Instagram account. Is Kylie just trying to keep up with her more famous sisters, or is momager Kris Jenner putting her in play as the next Kardashian sex bomb?

At a time when most 16-year-olds are thinking about the junior prom, or getting a part-time job, Kylie is already light years into the world of heavy makeup, provocative clothing and come-hither looks.

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Her Instagram account is like a timeline charting her change from precocious teen to budding sex siren.

The trajectory may not be all that surprising give that paths blazed by her sister, Kendall Jenner, and half-sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner: Sexy, Come-Hither Looks
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Kendall started modeling skimpy bikinis when she was 15. As soon as she turned 18 in November, she posted her first semi-nude fashion photo. Momager Kris supported the move and said she was no different than any other fashion model.

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Her half-sisters, of course, have written the book on self-promotion through a steady stream of sexy photos and wardobe malfunctions, beginning with release of Kim’s sex tape in 2007. Kim continues to post selfies in skimpy clothing even though she’s 33 with a child.

Now that Kylie is 16, she wasting no time elevating her own profile with a series of attention-getting photos that maker her look years old than her age.

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One of her most recent photos shows her behind the wheel of her luxury $125,000 Mercedes SUV with her skirt hiked up, exposing her thighs in fishnet stockings. Her fingernails are painted a Goth-like black.

Another photo shows her in the same outfit, sans stockings, striking a pose in a shopping center parking lot. Still another focuses on her wearing a tight-fitting crop top that exposes her midriff an accentuates her breasts.

There seems to be no question what lies ahead for Kylie–a life of busted marriages, baby daddies and unending exposure as a reality television personality, just like her sisters.

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