Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart posed with this intrepid fan on the Isle of Wight on New Year's Eve in 2009.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart posed with this intrepid fan on the Isle of Wight on New Year’s Eve in 2009.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were the subject of widespread tabloid reports that they would be hooking up on the Isle of Wight to celebrate New Year’s Eve just like old times. Except they won’t. The story is another tabloid hoax.

Fans were baited with repeated stories that the couple had reunited and were spending New Year’s Eve together, all on the down low of course.

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But the truth is, they are not back together and never had any plans to reunite on the Isle of Wight. As always, real information about the “Twilight” duo is sketchy at best. They never comment on themselves. or their plans, or respond to gossip.

That leaves unethical tabloids wide open to create all kinds of worthless speculation about the couple to draw fans to their sleazy sites. As always, the supposed information comes from “sources” close to the couple, who are unnamed and more likely fictitious.

TheImproper has no special insights into the couple, either. But the available hard evidence suggests that no rendezvous was planned nor will one happen.

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What is known is that Kristen was spotted in Los Angeles on Dec. 30. She was photographed by paparazzi out with friends running routine errands.

Rob, on the other hand, has been in London since before Christmas. He’s also been photographed there out with his friends. The couple hasn’t been seen together in weeks.

In previous years when they turned up on the Isle of Wight, Rob and Kristen were both in London no later than Dec. 28.

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While it is possible for Kristen to catch a red-eye flight, she would be in the air for more than 15 hours and given the time difference would have no chance of making the New Year’s celebration at this point.

The actors were first spotted on the Island in 2009, when residents published fan photos of the couple on fan sites. On ridiculous tabloid even called the isle a “private Island off the coast of England.” That’s how clueless most tabloids are.

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The same stories circulated about the couple reuniting over Christmas. Of course that didn’t happen either. Instead of admitting it falsely reported the story, one tabloid claimed that Kristen had cancelled the date at the last minute.


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