Eva Longoria is Maxim's Woman of the Year.  The frat magazine must have a thing for mommy types.

Eva Longoria is Maxim’s Woman of the Year. The frat magazine must have a thing for mommy types.

Eva Longoria’s biggest exposure came last year at the Cannes Film Festival when she slipped and revealed she wasn’t wearing panties, apparently qualifying her to be Maxim magazine’s “Woman of the Year.”

Longoria is undeniably sexy, but the 38-year-old is an odd choice for a magazine that supposedly caters to salivating 18-to-24-year-old college kids.

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She’s almost old enough to be their mother.

It would be unfair to pronounce her “over-the-hill,” but it seems like an awful lot of talent better fits Maxim’s demographic. This could explain why the magazine is struggling for survival.

Eva Longoria Knots Her Sweater
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Still, she’s a proven brand with fiery Latino looks that put the spit in spitfire.

At Cannes, Eva’s flowing green gown had a dramatic split skirt that revealed her bare legs and a whole lot more when she stumbled on a set of stairs. The photos went viral on the Internet.

Not surprisingly, she seemed surprised by the honor.

“It’s especially awesome after how long it’s been since my first cover,” she told the magazine. “I’ve had a beautiful relationship with Maxim over all these years.”

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“When someone sees the cover of this issue, they’re going to say, ‘¡Que rico!'” Literally translated that means “how rich.”

If Maxim’s highly hormonal readers were expecting some juicy dirty talk from the actress, they were supremely disappointed.

“One thing people are usually surprised about when they get to know me is how domestic I am,” she explains.

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“So when you see the sexy Maxim cover and then you put it against me in an apron with flour in my hair, it takes a moment to reconcile that image,” she adds.

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