Miley Cyrus howls topless in a photo outtake from her Maxim magazine feature.

Miley Cyrus howls topless in a photo outtake from her Maxim magazine feature.

Miley Cyrus has flirted with nudity since her photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine at 15. But she’s always preserved some modesty… until now. Miley finally goes all the way with a full-frontal photo. Yes, they’re real and they are spectacular.

Cyrus blew the roof off the vestiges of her Hannah Montana squeaky clean image last August at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Miley Cyrus: All That Glitters Isn’t Gold in Nude Real & True Photos

Her sassy, in-your-face-performance, highly sexualized dancing and infamous twerking was only the beginning. She followed up with her nude appearance in the video for her song “Wrecking Ball” but even then, her private parts were covered.

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The Miley Cyrus Photo You've Always Wanted to See (So Look!) 1

Click Here to See Miley Cyrus Totally, Unabashedly Topless (nsfw)!


Miley has also posed for countless magazine spreads in various stages of undress, including a spread in lad magazine Maxim. The photo shoot was racy enough, but the outtakes, the photos that didn’t make publication, were apparently even racier.

In one of them, Miley went completely topless for the first time in her career.

Miley Cyrus Takes a Stand (Lying Down) in Topless ‘Free Nipple’ Photo

Photographer Brian Bowen Smith was behind the camera and shot Miley pulling open her gold jacket and exposing her breasts. She exudes a haughty defiance as if to say, eat your heart out…

Miley has drawn criticism that she is encouraging the sexual objectification of women, but she’s clearly in charge of her body and her sexual identity. In some circles that’s called female empowerment.

A blurry digitized image of the same photo surfaced last year and was quickly branded a fake. But there’s no faking this photograph. So check her out, and see her howl.

The photo is a little too racy for this site but you can see it by clicking here.