Taylor Swift (inset) has been shopping for real estate in Manhattan, including a Greenwich Village townhouse (background).

Taylor Swift (inset) has been shopping for real estate in Manhattan, including a Greenwich Village townhouse (background).

Taylor Swift, who is building an extensive real estate portfolio from her millions of dollars in earnings, is reportedly scouting out a property to buy in Manhattan in New York City. And, it won’t come cheap.

Swift, 24, already has residences in Nashville and Los Angeles and recently bought a seaside summer home in Maine.

She caused an uproar in August 2012 when she bought a seven-bedroom mansion across from the famous Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. At the time, she was dating Kennedy scion Conor Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

She eventually ditched Conor and sold the house seven months later for $5.7 million, nearly a $1 million profit.

Taylor Swift Eyes New York City Real Estate
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Swift, who comes to New York City fairly frequently on business, seems to have a sharp eye for real estate and likes it as an investment.

She was spotted looking at apartments in tony Greenwich Village, according to The New York Daily News.

One of the properties is a pricey townhouse at 9 Saint Luke’s Place that’s on the market for $12 million. It was previous owned by author and playwright Arthur Laurents, who penned West Side Story, among other works.

The 1850s-era four-bedroom, 4,400-square-foot house is mansion by Manhattan standards. It last sold for $10 million in 2011, following Laurents’ death. The posh neighborhood includes several celebrities. It once rented for $35,000 a month.

Swift also reportedly scouted out another more modest townhouse on the market for $6.25 million. The house, located in a historic neighborhood of Federal and Greek Revival townhouses, was built in the 1820s. Robber baron John Jacob Astor developed the property, according to the listing agent Halstead Realty.

Neighbors who are aware of Swift’s interest in their street are probably apprehensive about the potential new neighbor. Celebrities draw too much attention from fans and paparazzi, causing constant disruption.

Swift likely has already ruled out these two properties, otherwise real estate brokers wouldn’t have revealed her interest in them, and both have been on the market for some time. Still, it’s nice to see where her taste lies.

Which house do you think Taylor would buy? Answer: Any one she wants. She made a reported $55 million last year.

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