Justin Bieber photo bombs his pal Lil Za, pictured with Gabrielle Union, in this Instagram photo.

Justin Bieber photo bombs his pal Lil Za, pictured with Gabrielle Union, in this Instagram photo.

Justin Bieber came perilously close to being linked with illegal drugs found in his house during a police raid that could have led to his arrest. But his pal, Lil’ Za, apparently stepped up and said they were his. Did he take a fall?

Za, 20, real name Xavier Dominique Smith, was with Bieber when police swarmed his house armed with a felony search warrant as part of a vandalism investigation.

Bieber is accused of throwing as many as 20 eggs at his neighbor’s house in the 25000 block of Prado Del Grandioso in his exclusive Calabasas, Calif., gated neighborhood.

The neighbor claims, the singer did more than $20,000 damage to expensive Venetian plaster and imported hardwood doors, kicking the alleged crime up to a potential felony.

As police searched Bieber’s $6.5 million mansion, they found suspected narcotics laying on a table in plain sight, according to press reports. The drugs, initially thought to be cocaine, are now reported to be the illegal drug ecstasy and Xanax, a controlled prescription drug used to relieve anxiety.

Bieber faced arrest on the drug charge because the drugs were found in his house. But Lil’ Za apparently told police the drugs were his. That got Bieber off the hook.

Bieber “was not connected to the [drugs] other than the gentleman was staying at his residence,” an LA County Sheriff’s spokesman said.

The 20-year-old pop singer, who’s struggling with his career at the moment, has been linked to illegal drugs on several occasions. In one instance, members of his entourage were caught with marijuana on his tour bus.

But Bieber has always been insulated from charges, because he’s never been caught with drugs in his possession. Hey what are hangers-on for?

Bieber remains a suspect in the egging assault and could face up to three years in prison, plus as much as a $10,000 fine if convicted.

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