Angelina Jolie puts her mark on Disney character  Maleficent in a new trailer.

Angelina Jolie puts her mark on Disney character Maleficent in a new trailer.

Angelina Jolie chills the blood as the nastiest of storybook witches, Maleficent, in a new trailer for the upcoming Disney film. She’s featured along with Elle Fanning as Aurora.

Disney has turned the animated classic “Sleeping Beauty” into a live action film focused on the evil witch’s story.

Jolie plays the part to stunning effect. She joins a troika of evil witches featured in films over the past two years.

Charlize Theron starred as Queen Ravenna, Snow White’s evil stepmother in the dark film “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and Julia Roberts played the character in “Mirror, Mirror.”

Angelina Jolie Scary Spooky as Maleficent
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But Jolie makes the character her own. The 38-year-old actress’s cheekbones and ears have been sharpened even more to hike her evil quotient.

In the clip, Disney draws parallels between the new film and its classic 1959 picture. Jolie first appears in a scene at the birth of the king’s daughter, Aurora. The baby is blessed with gifts from benevolent fairy godmothers, but a curse from Maleficent.

As Aurora grows, she is drawn to the dark forest where Maleficent rules. “I know you’re there. Don’t be afraid, come out!’ she cries.

“I’m not afraid,” Maleficent replies from the shadows of the forest.

“Then come out!” says the fearless Aurora.

‘Then you’ll be afraid,’ the witch replies as she emerges in full view.

The film hits theaters May 30, kicking off the summer blockbuster season. Check out the clip below, tell us your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest movie news and insights.

Footnote: Angelina and Brad Pitt’s daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt shares the role of baby Aurora with Eleanor Worthington Cox .