Photographer Chris Bray caught lion clubs in Kenya  on camera in a rare closeup

Photographer Chris Bray caught lion clubs in Kenya on camera in a rare closeup

Curiosity killed the cat, but lion cubs spotted on a Kenyan safari couldn’t resist a remote controlled camera car. The video, filmed by photographer Chris Bray is nothing short of amazing.

Spotting a lioness with cubs in the wild is rare and getting too close is an invitation for her to attack.

But the remote control car drew no interest from the lioness. Her cubs, however, were a different story.

“Two of the three cubs then came over and investigated it for 20min, before growing bored and tired and falling asleep back with mum,” he writes in a note with the video.

After seven previous photographic safaris to Kenya, Bray was able to swing off-road and filming permits. Aided by two experienced guides they were to get the rare footage, which Bray posted on YouTube earlier this week.

Bray specializes in photography safaris to such exotic locations as the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon, Patagonia, Alaska, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, Christmas Island and other destinations.

Bray, who hails from Australia has worked for Australian Geographic and is the youngest captain to sail through the Northwest Passage in the arctic together with his fiancée Jess aboard their junk-rigged sailboat Teleport.

Check out the video below, find out more about Bray at ChrisBray and follow TheImproper on Twitter for more funny news!

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