Bruce Jenner, 64, has reportedly had his adam's apple reduced. Has he over done the plastic surgery?

Bruce Jenner, 64, has reportedly had his adam’s apple reduced. Has he overdone the plastic surgery? (Photo: Getty)

Bruce Jenner, a gold-medal-winning Olympic athlete, seems determined to get in touch with his feminine side. He reportedly had his adam’s apple reduced over the weekend to look more like a woman’s.

The thyroid cartilage of the larynx is one of many features that distinguishes the sexes.

In men, it’s usually large and protruding, while it doesn’t show at all in most women. Bruce caused an uproar when he revealed his dislike for his adam’s apple and talked about having it surgically reduced.

The publicity seemed to scare him off of the idea, but he was spotted over the weekend leaving a plastic surgery clinic. The National Enquirer published photos of him with bandages on his throat.

The procedure is usually one of the first men go through who are on their way to becoming transgendered.

Oddly, Bruce was the epitome of masculinity when he won the gold medal in the arduous decathlon at the 1976 summer Olympics in Montreal. He had to compete in 10 grueling events.

But rumor’s have dogged Jenner for almost as long that he is a cross-dresser and fantasizes about being a woman.

The late Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife Ellen Kardashian claimed two years ago that Bruce has been cross dressing for most of his life.

His current estranged wife Kris Jenner and his wife before her, Chrystie Crownover, know about it and tolerate it, she said.

But Chrystie said Jenner never wore her clothes. He has also fathered six children with three different wives. “He’s a man’s, man,” she said.

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