Justin Bieber could faces charges in his alleged egg assault as early as Monday, Feb. 2.

Justin Bieber could faces charges in his alleged egg assault as early as Monday, Feb. 2.

Justin Bieber’s egg assault case against his neighbor is in the final stages of the investigation and a decision whether to prosecute is expected as early as next week, according to police. He could be facing felony vandalism charges.

Bieber 19, was accused of the attack by his nextdoor neighbor in the ritzy gated community where both live in Calabassas, Calif.

Lt. David Thompson, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that prosecutors reviewed a security tap seized from Bieber’s home under a search warrant and other evidence. He’s asked detectives to tighten up the case before an indictment is sought.

Sheriff’s deputies raided Bieber’s sprawling mansion in the exclusive Oaks community of multi-million dollar homes shortly after eggs flew on the night of Jan. 9. The seized the security tape from his house, Bieber’s cell phone.

The victim claims Bieber did $20,000 damage to expensive Venetian plaster on the outside of his house and more damaged to doors made of imported hardwood.

Prosecutors and investigators are expected to meet again on Monday, (Feb. 3) to decided whether to charge the troubled pop singer.

Bieber was arrested for alleged drunk driving, resisting arrest and driving on an expired license in Florida on Jan. 23.

Investigators there are awaiting results from tests to determine if Bieber was also impaired by other drugs, including marijuana, prescription pills and possibly codeine-laced cough syrup. He reportedly failed sobriety tests at the stop and in the station.

He admitted to drinking, using marijuana and taking prescription pills, police said.

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