Miley Cyrus sports a whole new look on what's reported to be the latest cover of W magazine.

Miley Cyrus sports a whole new look on what’s reported to be the latest cover of W magazine.

Miley Cyrus gets a major make-over for the cover of fashion trade bible W magazine, channeling a mix of Madonna, circa 1980, and Courtney Love. She’s naked, natch, shielded only by a pillow. If the cover is real, that is.

The image went viral on the Internet today (Jan. 31), apparently leaked by somebody… Miley?

Click here or the photo (right) to see the full cover!

In any event, if it is real, Miley is done up like a blonde bombshell. Her pixie bowl cut is gone. Instead, she’s got shoulder-length blonde hair.

Miley Cyrus Channels Hot, Blonde Siren (Click Photos to Enlarge!)

She wears nothing but bracelets about mid-way up her forearms and rings on her fingers.

Her dream weaver tattoo is visible on her right rib cage But she hides her modesty with a big feather pillow that she holds in her arms and clutches between her legs.

Her hip and part of her butt are visible.

The cover title to her article is “No Apologies: Miley Cyrus Laid Bare,” and it’s authored by Ronan Farrow, son of actress Mia Farrow and singer Frank Sinatra.

Miley is giving Rihanna a run for her money as the Queen of Undress. There are rumors that she will go all the way in the photo spread, or at least appear totally topless.

So far, Miley’s nudity has been limited to sexy shots that don’t really reveal her private parts up top or down below. But she’s all about pushing the envelope.

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