Cameron Bay, an adult film actor, wept at a news conference last year when she discussed how she contracted AIDs while performing.

Cameron Bay, an adult film actor, wept at a news conference last year when she discussed how she contracted AIDs while performing.

After several nasty AIDs scares last year, adult film industry actors have banded together to advocate for improved industry safety and working conditions. The goal is a safer and more professional work environment.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) officially announced its creation today (Feb. 4).

The industry was rocked last December by the second of three scares after adult film actors tested positive for HIV.

At the time, The Free Speech Coalition, another advocacy group, called for a moratorium on filming while all the actor’s partners were tested.

In 2013, five adult-film actors are known to have tested positive for the disease, which is spread through sexual contact.

At the heart of the issue is whether it should be mandatory for porn actors to wear condoms while filming. The industry generally opposes their use because it claims condoms make porn movies less attractive to viewers and hurt sales.

Los Angles County, where the porn industry is centered took action on its own and passed legislation requiring condoms during filming. In response much of the industry moved to Las Vegas. Neither the city nor the state have similar laws.

Meanwhile, LA county’s pornographic film permits are off 95 percent this year. Firms remaining are reportedly ignoring the law.

Currently, the industry requires tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases every 14 days, which many actors call inadequate. The AIDs virus can also go undetected for years, before it manifests itself.

The APAC notes that its membership consists solely of performers with the goal to give talent organized representation on health and safety issues. It created a video titled “Porn 101” to educate actors and the public about health concerns.

“Porn 101 is just the beginning in our endeavor to educate,” says APAC head Chanel Preston in a prepared statement. “This will help keep our industry a safer place to work. We care about our health as performers and it’s time we take more control of it.”

The group is not affiliated with any other organization. Check out its website here: apac-usa.

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