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Trump Goes Where No President Has Gone Before, Legitimizing a Grisly Dictator

Donald Trump and his Fox News acolytes are describing the president’s summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un as an historic event achieved by no other recent president. But his biggest accomplishment was legitimizing a grisly dictator with a duplicitous history and long string of human rights violations. No other president sought to dignify Kim, or any of his previous family-member leaders, because they realized it would represent a de-facto acceptance of his brutal regime....

NFL Kneeling Rule Disrespects Players; Subverts Democracy to Placate Autocrat

The National Football League (NFL), hoped to put to rest the controversy over kneeling players, by ginning up a new rule that would fine teams and those who kneel during the pre-game National Anthem. The NFL did just the opposite. The league showed total ignorance about what really makes this country great, subverting Democracy in the process. The move is clearly meant to placate Donald Trump, who blew up the issue into a national brouhaha with his misguided criticism of the players....

Cynthia Nixon for New York Governor: Thanks, But No Thanks (Video)

Cynthia Nixon, the former “Sex and the City” star, has officially declared she’s running for New York Governor in the Democratic primary against two-term incumbent Andrew Cuomo, even though she has no administrative or elective experience. Thanks, but no thanks. Nixon’s biggest qualification for office is her name recognition. Like most celebrities, it’s high, and mostly favorable. But the problem with celebrity is that it’s often inextricably linked to self-entitlement, self-absorption and not a little self-delusion....

Wayne LaPierre Must Go; NRA Must Return to Roots as Boycott Grows

Wayne LaPierre, the controversial chief executive of the National Rifle Association (NRA), has driven the gun group off the rails deep into alt-right politics and must resign for the good of the organization, so it can return to its roots as an advocate for gun owners. LaPierre has increasingly politicized the NRA during his 17-year tenure as chief executive and executive vice president. In the process he’s distorted its message, bullied Congress and turned the nation into a free fire zone, where almost anybody can buy a deadly assault rifle....

Donald Trump Has Driven the Country to a Dark Precipice of Hysteria and Fear

Donald Trump has pushed the country to a dark precipice of hysteria and fear. The national mood is unparalleled since the 17th century Salem witch trials and the Red Scare of the 1950s, two of the darkest periods in U.S. history. Motivated by greed and political gain of the monied few, his administration and Republicans in Congress are engaged in an unprecedented assault on institutions that safeguard the civil rights and liberties of all citizens....

Is Al Franken Being Railroaded by Hard-Core, Trump-Supporting Zealots?

Isn’t it amazing, suddenly, out of nowhere, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, is being accused of sexual assault–by two Trump supporters, no less–just as Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is bearing fruit and the GOP’s Alabama Senate candidate is turning out to be a serial child molester? Added to that, Vice President Pence and Don Jr. are twisting slowly in the wind; Attorney General Jeff Sessions is proving to be a flat-out liar; Trump can’t seem to keep track of the mass shootings and the Dems have taken Virginia and Oklahoma....
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