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Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney Ad 'Work of Darkness,' Group Says (watch) 2

Ellen DeGeneres JC Penney Ad ‘Work of Darkness,’ Group Says (watch)

Ellen DeGeneres is the incarnation of sin so why is she selling sheets and towels for J.C. Penney? Conservative group One Million Moms wants answers. Ellen, you see, is gay. Is that so wrong? The group is an off-shoot of the American Family Association, a conservative religious group based in Mississippi that believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible....
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Jennifer Aniston’s Ghastly Smartwater Photoshop Fail

Jennifer Aniston looks ghastly in a new advertising campaign for Glacéau smartwater. The photos have been digitally altered so much, Jen looks like she’s made of wax. In one image, the 43-year-old actress is sitting in a racy convertible, looking over her shoulder, with her blouse unbuttoned provocatively....
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Katy Perry Adds Pop-Star Cool to Adidas Sportswear (watch!)

Katy Perry joins mostly athletes in the latest campaign to promote Adidas sportswear. The singer takes the clothes outside the realm of athletics and tries to make the company’s tracksuits and shoes pop-star cool. Perry wears bright pink Adidas tracksuit pants and a midriff baring sports training bra in some of the shots for the “Adidas is all in” campaign. In others, she’s photographed jogging along a beach boardwalk in California with friends....