Charlie Riina Rides Revival of Buxom Blondes in Advertising (Photos!)

Charlie Riina is the latest buxom blonde bombshell to break into marketing and advertising as brands embrace curvaceous women in the wake of Kate Upton’s ground-breaking rise. Has the new feminism also played a role? The look was last popular in the 1950s. Stars like Brigitte Bardot, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg and Kim Novak were celebrated in Hollywood and pop culture....

Heidi Klum Ads Too Sinful For Sin City: See the Ads Las Vegas Banned!

Heidi Klum semi-naked ads for Sharper Image, the high-end luxury goods retailer, have been banned in Las Vegas for violating an ordinance that prohibits public nudity in advertisements, even though the ads have appeared in other cities. The regulation prohibits any image “showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple,” according to the statute. The ordinance came to light after McCarren International Airport, which serves Las Vegas, refused to allow the ads to be displayed....

Robert Pattinson Dior Ad Crashes Viral Video Charts at No. 1

Robert Pattinson is being paid a bundle to represent Dior Homme, but the fashion and fragrance brand is getting its money’s worth and then some. Rob’s newly released Dior ad is topping the viral video charts for advertising on the Internet. The charts are usually led by clever software, technology and fashion apparel ads, but Pattinson’s Dior Homme fragrance campaign has broken the mold, according to Visible Measures, which tracks that segment of the market....

Bizarre New Apple Mac Pro Ad Never Shows Computer (watch!)

Apple has been hyping its neew Mac Pro computer since it was first announced in June at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, but a new spot designed to run in theaters is more like science fiction than advertising. Neither the product, nor the company is mentioned until the very end. Apple is touting the computer as the ultimate, from its shape to it’s powerful components. It’s even assembling them in the United States....
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Ashton Kutcher Hilarious Commercial Called 'Racist' (watch)

Did Ashton Kutcher go too far in a hilarious dating commercial spoof? His portrayal of a Bollywood producer has sparked a backlash. Kutcher and the company that sponsored the ad, Popchips, an independent snack food company based in San Francisco, are drawing fire from what critics are calling a “racist” portrayal of the ethnic Indian....
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Honda Driving Ferris Beuller Should Have Stayed in Bed (watch!)

Matthew Broderick plays Ferris Beuller knock-off from his classic 1986 film “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” in an upcoming Super Bowl ad for Honda. But this time, Ferris should have stayed in bed. Ferris is apparently a big-time movie star, but he’s so cleaned up and sanitized, he seems to be lost in suburban no man’s land, symbolized by, what else, that paean to suburbia, the Honda CRV. Okay, its a red one but that only makes it worse....
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