Steven Tyler: Old Rock Stars Never Die, They Just Forget Lyrics (video!) 2

Steven Tyler: Old Rock Stars Never Die, They Just Forget Lyrics (video!)

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler proved without a doubt that old rock stars never die, they just forget the words to their biggest hit songs. Tyler, who is 66, but still looks every bit like a glam rocker, was enjoying the sights in Lithuania where the band recently toured. He came upon two female street musicians, who started performing “Crazy” from from Aerosmith’s 1994 mega-album Get a Grip....
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American Idol Axes Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler Over Money, Ratings

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were dumped by "American Idol," according to a new report. Money and flagging ratings appea to be the root causes. Were they too greedy? Was the show that bad? Yes and no. The show's problem, in part, is its own success. It has spawned competitors with snappier formats and more lucrative deals for contestants....
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Jennifer Lopez Follows Steven Tyler Out American Idol Door

Jennifer Lopez has decided to call it quits on Fox’s hit show ‘American Idol,” following by one day Steven Tyler’s decision to do the same. The move may open the door to sweeping changes that breathe new life into the long-running series. Lopez got off to a bumpy start on the show, but eventually grew into her role and provided some softness to the Tyler's and long-time Judge Randy Jackson's rough edges. Lopez made the announcement during a call in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning....