Allison Williams

Is Allison Williams Walking the Plank as Campy Peter Pan on NBC? (video)

Allison Williams may be putting her young career on the line with her performance tonight in the NBC special “Peter Pan.” By this time tomorrow, she may be the face that launches countless Internet memes and social media snark. Williams, 26, has the misfortune to star in the hit HBO show “Girls.” She plays Marnie Marie Michaels the BFF of Lena Dunham’s character Hannah. The show is a follow-up to NBC’s successful remake last year of “The Sound of Music,” starring Carrie Underwood. ...

Lena Dunham Yadda, Yadda, Sex, Yadda, Sex in Glamour (video!)

Lena Dunham talks and talks…and talks. About what? Just about everything and anything in the new April issue of Glamour magazine, from boyfriends and acting to sex and a good haircut. She’s this generation’s Annie Hall. Dunham has ruffled more than a few feathers by scoring young and scoring big with her HBO show “Girls.” Castmates, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky, struggle to live out big-city dreams on an entry-level salaries....

Tina Fey Spoofs HBO’s Pompous ‘Girls’ on SNL Hilarious! (watch!)

Only Tina Fey has the chutzpah to skewer HBO’s series “Girls” for the pompous bombastic whining of over-privileged girls that it really is. She sends up the program in a “Saturday Night Live” skit that’s hilarious, playing a roommate with real problems. The show, written by and starring Lena Dunham is about four twenty-something women trying to make their way in New York City. Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky co-star...

Lena Dunham Ramps Up Sex in HBO’s ‘Girls’ Season 2 (watch!)

Lena Dunham's Hannah is back in a new preview for Season 2 of HBO's "Girls. She does a lot of soul-searching, that is, when she and cast mates Allison Williams (Marnie), Jemima Kirke (Jessa) and Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna) aren't bed hopping, Hannah gets a lot luckier in season 2. After suffering through an unfulfilling relationship with Adam (Adam Driver), she’s now bedding a new housemate, Elijah, played by Andrew Rannells....
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Allison Williams 'Girls' Sex Act Stuns Newscaster Dad

Allison Williams, daughter of NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams, will reportedly perform a sex act in her first appearance on the new HBO sitcom “Girls,” and the straight-laced newsman is none too happy about it. Allison, who graduated from Yale in 2010, has been pursuing an acting and singing career. She vaulted into her role on the HBO series after “Girls” producer Judd Apatow spotted her in a YouTube video....

Lena Dunham’s Girls: A Sex and City Reality Check (watch!)

Lena Dunham says she grew up on HBO’s “Sex and the City.” But the reality of living in New York City is far different for most twenty-something girls. She draws on her experience for HBO’s new series “Girls.” Dunham 25, has been considered somewhat of a prodigy after her 2009 feature film, “Tiny Furniture,” won for Best Narrative Feature at South-by-Southwest Music and Media Conference. She spent $25,000 shooting it....
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