Gianni Versace's Storied South Beach Mansion Faces Auction 2

Gianni Versace’s Storied South Beach Mansion Faces Auction

Gianni Versace’s, spectacular Italianate South Beach mansion he called Casa Casuarina is in foreclosure and heading for auction in September. It’s expected to sell for a fraction of its $125 million appraised value. Versace, of the Italian fashion design house that bears his name, lived a glorious, but brief life in the house and for a time turned South Beach into a mecca of art and fashion. Since his death in 1997, the mansion has had a checkered history....
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Lady Gaga Caught on Video Smoking Pot on Stage (watch!)

Lady Gaga got fired up on stage in more ways than one during her show in Amsterdam. She lit a huge marijuana blunt onstage and waxed philosophically about the benefits of pot while she toked on the joint. Gaga, 26, who once professed to having a serious cocaine addiction, said smoking pot has help her curb drinking and has given her some “spiritual” insight into her music. Calling the drug “wondrous,” she told London tabloid The Sun, that the drug has “really changed my life.”...