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Cynthia Nixon for New York Governor: Thanks, But No Thanks (Video)

Cynthia Nixon, the former “Sex and the City” star, has officially declared she’s running for New York Governor in the Democratic primary against two-term incumbent Andrew Cuomo, even though she has no administrative or elective experience. Thanks, but no thanks. Nixon’s biggest qualification for office is her name recognition. Like most celebrities, it’s high, and mostly favorable. But the problem with celebrity is that it’s often inextricably linked to self-entitlement, self-absorption and not a little self-delusion....

New York Declared Sanctuary; Trump Immigration Plans Face Backlash

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared today (Nov. 15) that the entire state would be a sanctuary for immigrants, Muslims and gay Americans. He joined a growing list of cities that are refusing to support Donald Trump’s draconian immigration plans. Cuomo said in an open letter to New York state residents that he would “fight against the targeting of Muslims, immigrants, the LGBTQ community and for the rights of all Americans.”...
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Is Taylor Swift Courting Disaster With Cursed Kennedy Clan?

Taylor Swift has been unlucky in love and now she’s making her riskiest bet yet. Her budding romance with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son, Conor Kennedy is gaining steam, despite all the strife and dysfunction ripping through the Kennedy clan. The Kennedy men have horrible reputations for the way they treat their wives and girlfriends, going back to family patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy, whose wife, elegant Rose Kennedy, bore a U.S. President, two U.S. Senators among nine children....

Kerry Kennedy Arrested for DUI on Tiger Woods Sex Drug

Kerry Kennedy, sister of Robert F. Kennedy Jr was arrested in upstate New York this morning and charged with driving under the influence of drugs after she crashed into a semi-tractor trailer, according to reports. Kennedy told the police she had taken a ambien, a powerful prescription sleeping pill that can cause hallucinations. Kennedy was charged with driving while impaired by drugs, according to the police....
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