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Tina Fey Pokes Fun at Emmy Nip Slip in SNL Promo (watch!)

Tina Fey apparently is making comedy out of tragedy, namely her nip slip at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. Tragedy for her maybe, but a moment everyone else has long been waiting for. And, she relives it in a new promo for “Saturday Night Live.” Fey will be returning to host the show she left in 2006 to create the NBC hit “30 Rock,” a show about creating an SNL-type variety show....
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Mick Jagger Rocks Out Stones Style on Saturday Night Live

Mick Jagger not only hosted “Saturday Night Live” and appeared in nearly every skit, he also rocked out with guitar god Jeff Beck in a bluesy new number and sang classic Stones songs with Foo Fighters and Aracade Fire. The 68-year-old Rolling Stone frontman was unstoppable on stage. His voice sounded amazingly strong and he could have gone right out the door on tour, he looked so fit and energized....
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Mick Jagger Opens SNL Makes Fun of Himself, the Band (watch)

Mick Jagger made it his night on “Saturday Night Live,” even though it was actually Kristen Wiig’s night… her last night that is. Wiig is leaving the show and the Rolling Stone gave her a royal sendoff. Mick also acted like his appearance was a one-shot deal. He was in almost every skit and even sang with musical guest Arcade Fire., Jeff Beck and the Foo Fighters....