Lindsay Lohan Jail Joke in 'Scary Movie 5' Trailer Too Real (watch!) 4

Lindsay Lohan Jail Joke in ‘Scary Movie 5’ Trailer Too Real (watch!)

As if Lindsay Lohan wasn’t causing enough uproar over her kissing scene in “Scary Movie 5,” there’s a hilarious moment in a new trailer where art may be imitating life, for real. And, it doesn’t look so hot for LiLo. The new trailer, released today, mostly features stars Ashley Tisdale as Jody and Simon Rex as Dan, who have moved into a haunted house....
Selena Gomez in Slasher Movie? Watch New 'Aftershock' Trailer 6

Selena Gomez in Slasher Movie? Watch New ‘Aftershock’ Trailer

Selena Gomez talked about pushing the envelope in her career when she appeared in “Spring Breakers.” So what’s she doing in slasher horror film “Aftershock?” Ha! See if you can find her in the film’s new trailer. She only has a small cameo role. Still a gross slasher movie seems to be a step down for the former Disney teen queen. Check out the new trailer. ...
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Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens Dazzle at Venice Film Fest (photos)

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens went glam for the opening of the Venice International Film Festival. It was a startling change from their movie “Spring Breakers,” where the spent most of their screen time in tiny bikinis, but no less sexy. Joining Selena and Vanessa were Ashley Benson and Rachel Corine and the rest of the cast, The girls play college students who end up in jail after. A drug and arms dealer, played by James Franco, bails them out and enlists them in his war against a rival....