Bel Ami

Is Robert Pattinson Facing a Career Crisis at 26? (photos!)

Robert Pattinson has a lot to be thankful for as he celebrates his 26th Birthday. A hot girlfriend in Kristen Stewart and a hugely successful film franchise in “Twilight.” But a big question is where does he go from here? Rob is without doubt one of the most handsome and charismatic actors of his generation, and he more than likely has more film offers than he knows what to do with. ...

Robert Pattinson Down, Out in New Bel Ami Clip (watch)

Robert Pattinson’s character Georges Duroy in period film Bel Ami is a down-on-his-luck ex-soldier trying to start anew in Bel Epoch Paris. A new clip of the film shows just how down he is. It includes never before released footage of Rob living in squalor before his character meets up with wealthy Charles Forestier (Philip Glenister) in a raucous barroom....

Robert Pattinson Butt Crack Stars in New Bel Ami Trailer (watch!)

Robert Pattinson is back in the sack with hottie Christina Ricci in a new trailer for his period piece “Bel Ami.” The video is fast being known as the butt crack trailer because Rob flashes some tail in some of the scenes. In the movie, Rob’s character, Georges Duroy, seduces a bevy of beauties played by Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Holliday Grainger....
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Robert Pattinson in Three New Clips From Bel Ami

“Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson is featured in three new videos from his movie “Bel Ami” that have not been seen in the United States. They clips have been dubbed in Russian and Italian, suggesting the film will shooting for an international market. Georges is on the way up the Belle Époque social ladder in Paris. He can’t take his eyes off of Madeline Forestier, played by Uma Thurman. She’s the wife of his employer, Charles Forestier, played by Philip Glenister....

Robert Pattinson Sizzles in New Bel Ami Domestic Trailer

Robert Pattinson is all about seduction as Georges Deroy and his slick moves are featured in the new domestic trailer for “Bel Ami,” his erotic 19th Century period drama with Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Holliday Grainger. The film had its world premiere out of competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February....
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Robert Pattinson Seduces Hot Bel Ami Paramours (photos!)

Robert Pattinson is smoldering as Georges Deroy in 18 new movie stills that show him in various stages of seduction with his hot Bel Ami leading ladies, Christina Ricci, Kristen Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman and Holliday Grainger. The film premiered out of competition at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group bought most of the North American distribution rights, and will release the film theatrically in June through IFC Films....
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Robert Pattinson Dazzled in Bel Ami Berlin Spotlight (video)

“Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson wowed fans on the red carpet in a tailored dark suit at the premiere of “Bel Ami’ in Berlin. He also deftly handled questions at his news conference. Both were captured on video. Check them out. The dashing 6’1″ Rob was accompanied on the red carpet by his Bel Ami co-stars Holliday Grainger and Christina Ricci on day 9 of the Berlin Film Festival....

Robert Pattinson: Kim Kardashian a Modern Bel Ami (photos)

Robert Pattinson could really see himself as a journalist. After playing one in his latest film "Bel Ami," he says he kind of likes the idea, especially when it comes to gossip. But his character is more like a 19th century reality TV star. As one of the most gossiped about stars in Hollywood, thanks to his secretive relationship with Kristen Stewart and his role in "Twilight," it seems like an odd observation. But he sees intriguing parallels with today....
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Robert Pattinson in Bel Ami; 12 Full Minutes of Film (watch!)

Robert Pattinson cuts a dashing figure in “Bel Ami.” He’s part rogue, part dashing man about tow. With the film premiering in Berlin this week, a new clip has gown viral with almost 12 minutes of the movie. All if it Rob. The adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s 19th century novel about Rob’s character, George Duroy, is significant because the role is a marked departure from almost anything else Rob has done, including the “Twilight” series....
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Robert Pattinson Shows Brutal Side in Bel Ami Clip (watch!)

Robert Pattinson bears his fangs, but not like his “Twilight” vampire character Edward Cullen. He shows a cruel and unrelenting said in a scene with Kristen Scott Thomas in “Bel Ami.” The film is days away from its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, and bits and pieces of the picture appear to be leaking on the Internet ahead of the showing....
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Robert Pattinson: Edward So Wouldn't Approve of Bel Ami! (photos)

Robert Pattinson definitely thinks his new film "Bel Ami" provides benefits over his run as Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series.; "There are lots of attractive women in the film," he says. "I sleep with all of them!" Rob is back on the promotion trail for the film, based on the 19th century book by Guy de Maupassant. He'll be making stops at the Berlin Film Festival and likely the Glasgow Film Festival in Scotland....
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