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Justin Bieber Late For New Zealand Show, Faced Empty Seats (photos!) 2

Justin Bieber Late For New Zealand Show, Faced Empty Seats (photos!)

Justin Bieber looked out at the audience at his Auckland, New Zealand show Saturday night Nov. 3) and saw something staring him back he may not be used to… empty seats. The pop singer received a boisterous welcome from fan at the Vector Arena… when it finally started. Bieber was late taking the stage by about an hour....
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Justin Bieber Kicks Off Believe Tour; Gets Sick On Stage (watch)

Justin Bieber proved he is a trouper. He went forward with a concert on Saturday night in Arizona, even though he was possibly suffering from the flu, a hangover, or some bad food. Score one for bad food. Whatever the case, the teen sensation vomited rightin the middle of a song during the performance. The scene was caught on video and is going viral on the Internet. Justin at least had the presence of mind to turn his back to the audience while he retched. He obviously wasn’t feeling well before taking the stage. One of his backup dancers helped the unsteady singer down some steps just before the incident...
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Justin Bieber Counting Days Until He Dumps Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber may or may not have had a backstage tryst with Mariah Yeater, but the allure of being single on tour with mobs of girls at his beck and call, may be dooming his relationship with Selena Gomez. It’s hard to get an accurate fix on the state of their feelings because so much tabloid blather is being published about them....