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Ron Howard's 'In the Heart of the Sea' a Finely Crafted Tale of Obsession 2

Ron Howard’s ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ a Finely Crafted Tale of Obsession

Ron Howard’s movies are always beautifully made and beautifully told, with flawless photography and solid casting. His newest epic, “In The Heart Of The Sea,” scores on all counts. It tells the tale of Herman Melville and the journey that led him to write his epic 19th century novel “Moby Dick.” Directed by Ron Howard, the film stars Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Ben Whishaw, and Brendan Gleeson....
Chris Hemsworth Swims With Fishes in New 'Heart of the Sea' Trailer 4

Chris Hemsworth Swims With Fishes in New ‘Heart of the Sea’ Trailer

Chris Hemsworth throws down his hammer and picks up a harpoon in a new trailer for his latest movie “In the Heart of the Sea,” a harrowing true story about a 19th century whaling ship that inspired the classic novel “Moby Dick.” Ron Howard directs the movie based on the 200 book by the same name by Nathaniel Philbrick, with the screenplay by Charles Leavitt. The movie also stars Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy,Tom Holland, Brendan Gleesan Spanish actor Jordi Mollà and Ben Whishaw as novelist Herman Melville....
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Abraham Lincoln Hacks Vampires in New Tim Burton Film (watch!)

Abraham Lincoln slayed many dragons in his life, including slavery, but vampires? In a new trailer for Tim Burton’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer,” the 16th president makes mince meat of the Cullen clan in the woods of Ohio. The movie, the latest to capitalize on the nation’s obsession with vampires, is premised on newly discovered diaries of Lincoln as a youth growing up in the Midwest....