Beyonce Super Bowl

Beyonce Gives In-Your-Face Answer to Lip-Sync Critics

Beyonce is no “Milli Vanilli.” She sang the “National Anthem” a Capella to kick off her Super Bowl news conference today (Jan. 31) and didn’t miss a note. She also promised to sing live at the Super Bowl. She caused a national uproar and came under a firestorm of criticism. Both Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor, who preceded her, sang live....

Beyoncé Owes an Apology Over Lip-Syncing, Sen. Schumer Says

Beyoncé isn’t off the hook yet for her now confirmed lip-syncing performance at President Obama’s inauguration. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, who organized and hosted the event is demanding an apology from the singer. The fact that her performance is causing ripples at the highest levels of Washington officialdom suggests president and first lady Michelle Obama may also have been disappointed....

Beyonce First Look at ‘Life Is But A Dream’ in New Trailer (watch!)

Beyonce works hard for the money. That’s the overriding message in a new trailer for her upcoming HBO special “Life Is But A Dream.” The inside look into her life shows a very successful, but forceful and determined woman. Beyonce poses the questions herself at the top of the video: “I always battle with how much do I reveal about myself? she asks. “How do I stay current. How do I stay soulful.”...
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