Bill Cosby Video

Bill Cosby Exhibits the Deepest Case of Denial in History (watch!)

Bill Cosby skated over accusations he sexually assaulted more than 40 women over his decades-long career today (May 15) in his first interview since allegations overwhelmed previous denials through his lawyers. He said his message not his personal life was the most important.Cosby, 77, was hit by an avalanche of accusations as women, one-by-one, came forward to tell their harrowing experiences. The alleged assaults all fit a pattern. Cosby would gain his alleged victim’s confidence and slip her a drug in a drink....

Has Bill Cosby Gone Off the Deep End? Releases Bizarre Video Message (see!)

Bill Cosby, the once beloved comedian who is now at the center of a huge sex scandal, released a 10-second video today (Mar. 9) that suggests he may be going off the deep end after weeks of unrelenting revelations about drugging and assaulting women. More than 30 women have come forward so far and related eerily similar tales of being drugged and sexually molested by the comedian. His most recent accuser, identified only as Patricia, stepped forward only six days ago....

Bill Cosby Called ‘Rapist’ at Canada Show; Jokes About Accusers (watch!)

Bill Cosby is like a dog with tin cans tied to his tail. Wherever he goes the clang of protesters now follows him. He was heckled and called a “rapist” at his Thursday night comedy show in Canada, but he joked about his accusers and went on with the show. He was applauded when he talked the heckler down, and joked “you have to be careful about drinking around me” when a woman offered to get him a refreshment....
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