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Bette Midler Nails Fox News' Geraldo Rivera For Groping; Offers Video Proof 2

Bette Midler Nails Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera For Groping; Offers Video Proof

Bette Midler joined the #MeToo campaign with disturbing allegations against Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, who only a day ago defended disgraced NBC “Today” host Matt Lauer by calling journalism a “flirty business.” Although the incident involving Rivera occurred in the 1970s, Middler produced a video of a 1991 Barbara Walters interview that confirmed her account. Rivera has been a staunch defender of President Donald Trump ...
Rob Lowe in 'Killing Kennedy,' Another Hit Job on the President? 4

Rob Lowe in ‘Killing Kennedy,’ Another Hit Job on the President?

Ruggedly handsome Rob Lowe gets his turn to play an equally imposing President John F. Kennedy in a new trailer for the National Geographic television movie based on a book by the same name by conservative talking head Bill O’Rielly. It’s hard to tell which is the bigger hit job, O’Rielly’s book or the assassination. The biggest problem with O’Rielly’s “dramatic non-fiction,” as it’s called, is that it does nothing to advance the mystery surrounding the president’s death. ...
Matt Lauer Loses Cool With Bill O'Reilly Over Whitney Houston (watch!) 6

Matt Lauer Loses Cool With Bill O’Reilly Over Whitney Houston (watch!)

Bill O’Reilly jerked Matt Lauer’s chain on the Today Show with his circular logic and selective use of the facts. He claimed drug addiction, like homosexuality, can be “cured” because people have free will. Sadly Matt lost his cool because O’Reilly counts on that. But what’s he supposed to do when someone like O’Reilly makes bald assertions and acts as if he’s speaking universal truths....