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Gene Wilder Appreciation: Goodbye to One of Last Giants of 'Jewish Shtick' 2

Gene Wilder Appreciation: Goodbye to One of Last Giants of ‘Jewish Shtick’

Gene Wilder’s passing should not only make us appreciate, and celebrate, his incredible talents, but also to celebrate and cherish the few legendary giants of Jewish “shtick” who, thankfully, are still with us. His classic humor that he wore as a badge of honor, in turn, influenced generations of others, from Billy Crystal, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and the late Garry Shandling to Sasha Baron Cohen, Seth Rogen and Jon Stewart....
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Seth MacFarlane Nixes Oscar Return; Why It's a Thankless Job

Seth MacFarlane got one thing right about hosting the Oscars; it’s a thankless job. No wonder he doesn’t want any part of it again. That’s because like all award shows, the Oscars is inherently dull, yet on television dull equals death. Bob Hope set the gold standard for Oscar shows, hosting a record 18 times....
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Billy Crystal's Oscar Act Like an Old Tuxedo; Familiar, Frayed

Billy Crystal brought his signature Borscht Belt shtick to the 84th Academy Awards. He was no Ricky Gervais. His one-liners mostly lacked zip, his singing was howling bad and his presentation plodded. In what has to be one of the most thankless jobs in Hollywood, Crystal hosted the Academy Awards for the ninth time and was almost as predicable as the winners....