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Brad Pitt First Look; Zombies Attack in World War Zzzzzzz (watch!)

Brad Pitt talked exactly a year ago about his desire to write, produce and bring ideas to film that might not make it in Hollywood. So what’s his latest project? A zombie film. The first teaser trailer, out today (Nov. 6) is uninspiring and clichéd. Pitt, 47, plays a U.N. official who is racing around the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly pandemic that turns people into, you guessed it, zombies. And they’re garden variety, too. The film is based on the 2006 post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks. It follows his 2003 book, “The Zombie Survival Guide.” Both books were hugely popular. But as zombie flicks go, not much to distinguish it, except maybe the special effects....