Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser

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Kristen Stewart Proves Vampire Cred in New Teaser (watch!)

Kristen Stewart’s character Bella Swan may be a full-fledged vampire in Breaking Dawn, Part 2, but a new teaser for the upcoming movie shows that she still has to establish her cred with other vampires in the Cullen clan. The 40-second teaser, the third to be released by studio Summit Entertainment as part of the promotional campaign for the movie, shows Bella confronting doubts about her powers. “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” is the first movie where Bella has been transformed into a vampire, but among the Cullens she is a “newborn.” As such, her powers are in doubt. Edward, played by Robert Pattinson, has her back, but others aren't so sure....
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New Breaking Dawn Teaser Hints of Bella's Vampire Life (watch)

Kristen Stewart’s Twilight character Bella Swan no longer has to endure clammy hookups with Robert Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen. They are the same temperature now, Edward notes in a short teaser for “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” Lionsgate, which now owns Twilight studio Summit Entertainment, released the clip today. It offers a brief but tantalizing look at Bella as a newbie vampire....